I’ve recently finished a book, On Borrowed Time, and I can’t help but recognize similarities between how Hitler and Goebbels manufactured reasons for each of Germany’s advances into countries, and how Putin and Medvedev have used the plight of Russian citizens in Georgia for invading. Are these two situations similar? Is this something politicians do as a rule prior to invading? Or is it just a case of the coincidence of proximity: we see more examples in real life of something we have recently read? Sort of like when you want to buy a new car, you suddenly see that model everywhere you drive.

Then today in the New York Times online there is an article on how the French brokered “cease fire” actually gave Putin/Mevedev justification to continue to push farther into Georgia. More coincidence, France is involved in negotiating for the appeasement of a belligerent. I wonder what stand Britain will take? But I do know, that despite Bush’s response, I doubt the citizens of the United States are interested in a war in Georgia. All this really sets up the perfect time for Putin to push to begin restoring the Soviet Union.

It seems like Putin is using the Hitler playbook.