This really is a wonderful book on how to develop your relationship with God. The moment-by-moment dependence on God for knowledge, wisdom, strength, guidance, and power which we all need in order to accomplish life as God intended. That’s what the 60-60 Experiment is all about, and it’s what I’m going to be starting soon.

One of the aspects the book really focused on in helping us accomplish this moment-by-moment dependence on God is a relationship with other believers, the “Spiritual Running Partners” the book describes. This is one area that God has given me a desire for lately, that has always been a little lacking in my life. As I grew up, I was mostly a loner, not really involved in many peoples lives, and when I did go to church, it wasn’t really acceptable to discuss your problems…you were supposed to have it all together. Which is why I describe myself as a “recovering perfect person.” But as I have grown in the church I attend, God has really given me friends that accept me as I am now. And He has also opened up opportunities for me to show God’s grace to others, sometimes maybe for the first time.

About a year ago, I really identified with the prodigal son, but I could never picture God welcoming me back like it says in the parable. But after a few friends began showing me God’s grace through them, I was able to break-through that barrier during an Alpha course. Or as the book says, “Most people don’t experience God’s grace until someone responding to the Spirit shows it” (Burke, 2008, p. 154). This is why I see the point of focusing on Spiritual Running Partners (SRP) in the book. We all fail in our spiritual lives, it’s just not possible to live a holy life without God, and the SRP’s in our lives not only hold us accountable, but they are there to help us accept God’s grace when we need it.

And isn’t this one of the main things Jesus taught us, to live in community and in relationship with other believers? Not exclusively, in an enclave cut off from society, but we need the person above us on the ladder of holiness to help pull us up as we help those below us. And all the while serving those in need, to show them God’s love that has been shown to us.

— Burke, John. (2008). Soul Revolution: How Imperfect People Become All God Intended. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.