This is from The Screwtape Letters:

We want a whole race perpetually in pursuit of the rainbow’s end, never honest, nor kind, nor happy now, but always using as mere fuel wherewith to heap on the altar of the future every real gift which is offered them in the Present” (Lewis, 1942, p. 78).

Wow! How right C. S. Lewis was when he wrote this. And how guilty I have been at this. How many years wasted pursuing success and happiness through business and money, and how many relationships I could have had that would have immeasurably enriched my life more than money. I think that’s why these days I am more eager to develop friendships with everyone I meet.

It’s taken me awhile, but I am thankful to God for wrenching me from this path over the past couple of years. More and more, happiness for me is resting in the Lord, and in developing relationships with other believers, and in being thankful.

18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Th 5:18)

— The New King James Version. 1982 (1 Th 5:18). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

— Lewis, C. S. (1942). The Screwtape Letters. New York, NY: Harper Collins.