Normally I’m not a political person in my blog. There is more than enough of that out there to satisfy most people’s desires. But I was looking at the graph below, which is part of a research report published by The Pew Research Center, and if you notice, the scores for how satisfied people were with the direction of the country declined throughout the period of the war. If politicians study this, are they going to be less likely to engage in anything more than cruise-missile foreign policy in the future? There are times we need to go to war, but not everyone will generally agree with the assessment of whether war is necessary. But looking at this graph, I think politicians in the future may be more likely to fire a weapon and declare that “they have been taught a lesson.”

Pew Research Graph

— Kohut, A. (2007, March 22). Trends in Political Values and Core Attitudes, 1987-2007. The Pew Research Center.