From the Internet Storm Center at, here is a really interesting paper on intrusion detection, but looking at it from a completely different angle. Grant Jacoby looked at battery usage of PDA-style devices both during an attack and while in a passive state. The result? Battery usage jumps while under the attack. This technique could be used as a warning that a threat is being attempted at that moment. The following image, borrowed from, shows the battery usage of an iPaq during an nmap port scan.

This makes me wonder how power consumption could be used in other devices as a warning of attack. If someone at one of the cellphone handset makers, cell phone companies, or a network management software company hasn’t snagged this guy yet, I would be surprised.

— Jacoby, G. A. (2005, April 12). Battery Based Intrusion Detection. Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

— Zeltser, L. (2008, March 17). The Battery and Security in Mobile Devices. Internet Storm Center,