As someone who usually travels to Canada once a year for a vacation, this article caught my eye:

You’ve probably heard about the search and seizure of electronic devices (laptops, cellphones, MP3 players, and more) by U.S. Customs and Border Protection” (¶ 1). Actually, I hadn’t, so I read the Washington Post article it references. Coming just after my post about wiretapping, I’m beginning to wonder if restraint and due process have been eliminated? I will readily admit I don’t stay as current with news as I should, but I like to think the government targets only those who have been identified as potential terrorists or allies of terrorists. But this article makes me wonder if the government has become too aggressive in its use of intelligence gathering methods. Even though I do nothing illegal, either in the U.S. or while traveling, this makes me wonder if international vacation travel is worth it anymore. Of course, what we don’t know, is whether the people who were targeted at the airports were suspected of doing something illegal.

By the way, the article on Dark Reading gives some good advice on how to protect your sensitive information if you do travel overseas…and it’s good advice regardless of whether you go overseas or not.

— Sawyer, J. H. (2008, February 13). Evil Bits: Protecting Yourself from the Border Patrol. Dark Reading.